How I Became A Successful Food Blogger

Who is Lucy??

I moved from upstate new York to Brevard county in 1980. I was 20 years old, and although I always thought I would....

I never left!!


I worked at the Kennedy Space Center for almost 5 years, Space shuttles and rockets were very exciting for a girl from a small town in NY. Like most people I had a variety of jobs and accumulated a wealth of experience. My time in college and jobs at print shops let me to publish Brevard county's 1st natural health magazine "Nature's Guide Magazine". 

My interest in natural foods and natural medicine lead me to Wild Oats where I was the marketing manager. Wild Oats concept of marketing was to bring food out to the public and let people taste the difference. That took me into the kitchen where I found my true passion.

Van Gogh's Creative Cafe

My love of food got me thinking about my own little cafe. In my heart I am an artist so I wanted to bring that into my place. In January 2006 Van Goghs Creative Cafe opened. I loved that little place and I learned so much from it. Which brings me to where I am today. I manage the cafe at Nature's Market. I love Colleen and David Jackson (owners of Nature's Market) for giving me this great opportunity to grow and create new recipes.

Last August I started writing the recipe column for "Charm Magazine" entitled "In the Kitchen with Lucy"

Many people know me as Leigh, but my real name is  "Lucy Leigh" so I thought I embrace my real name and go with it.

What I Love to Do

Well what I really like to do is create! I feel that  I am an artist and food is my medium. Nothing makes me happier than creating a new dish. For me its not just about the food tasting good, it has to look good too, oh yeah and I want it to be healthy. That is why I love to cook vegetables. They are colorful and delicious. The texture and nutrient they give food challenge and excite me. I know I sound like a cooking geek but what can I say.

Most people don't get anyway near 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day and that is where I am going to help you. With unique and delicious ways to get you and your family to eat more veggies.

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